Security Systems

Electrical solutions to improve and protect your safety.

Secure Door Entry

These are cost effective methods of adding security and providing occupants with effective audio (and/or visual) verification of callers. You may also require a keycode or a swipe card entry system for a place of business?

Millar Electrics can advise on which Access control door entry or intercom system is most suitable to your needs and can install the one you would prefer.

We install and repair door entry systems for individual domestic and commercial properties and blocks of flats. Please contact us for more details.

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Changes in technology has led to the improvement of digital cameras, computers and mobile phones, and the value for money has now increased significantly. This means that Closed Circuit TV recording is no longer for business use only, and the cost involved for quality CCTV solutions has plummeted.

Digital recording of images allows for high quality capture without the need for video tapes. Weeks of footage can be kept before storage will need to be reused, and a backup to DVD or USB can easily be made at any time.

We can now install and configure the latest CCTV systems that allow you to view any of the cameras fitted at your home or place of work at any time, using your computer or mobile phone. All that is required is an internet connection and the correctly configured equipment. We work along with local security specialists to ensure the best value and service possible. Contact us for more info.

Fire Alarms

A very important addition to business and domestic properties we can install heat and smoke detectors to ensure you stay safe and protected from the risk of fire.

For domestic use we use mains powered smoke alarms which carry a battery backup should there be loss of power to the property, this the recommended basic solution.

We comply with BS5839 standards for commercial fire safety and offer a wide variety of solutions. Frequency of manual call points for triggering an alarm and sounders for alerting of the danger can vary depending on the layout of the building. Similarly automatic calls to emergency services may be required, and an automatic extinguishing system may be fitted to protect valuable areas of building such as an office or server room.

Millar Electrics often work alongwith local security and safety specialists and cater for a wide range of complex alarm systems requirements.

Security Lighting

Effective lighting is an important part of any security plan and from a business point of view, if you are open after dark then to attract and maintain customers they must feel safe . Nice, welcoming lighting can change the atmosphere of a street or car park and encourage repeat visits by allowing your customers to feel secure when leaving their vehicle.

We install motion detectors, flood lights, occupancy sensors and various spotlights to deter criminals and invite consumers.